The Value Of Expansive Notice Boards

Large notice boards

For a multitude of settings, including workplaces, schools, hospitals, community centres, churches, colleges, and more, large notice boards offer a roomy and adaptable backdrop. We have a gigantic choice of noticeboards that are versatile, frameless, made of aluminium, carefully designed, heat proof, and harmless to the ecosystem. Our selection of noticeboards can be used to post charts, notes, vital announcements, and pamphlets. They are safe to use with staples or pins. Additionally, they can be utilised to exhibit student work and artistic endeavours in school hallways and classrooms. Wall-mounted noticeboards are accessible in different sizes and can be situated in either a representation or scene direction. Each noticeboard, which has a recycled core substrate, is draped in a tri-cord hessian fabric that encircles the back and hides the display board’s edges, exposing a polished and orderly display.  Our certified flame-retardant fabric-wrapped fire-resistant noticeboards are ideal for use in educational institutions. Large notice boards from our Flame shield collection fully adhere to the fire retardant standard Class, making them safe for use in escape routes, hallways, and other unattended areas of public buildings and institutions.

Benefits of large notice boards for public spaces

Large notice boards that are appropriate for usage in non-sensitive or uncontrolled areas can be found in our Decorative noticeboard collection. Since tamperproof noticeboards safely guard notices against theft and vandalism, they are perfect for unattended public spaces. You can build an extra-large notice board that fits your available area by mounting unframed notice boards against one another. Huge notification sheets that are proper for utilization in non-touchy or uncontrolled regions can be found in our Embellishing noticeboard assortment. You can build an extra-immense notice board that obliges your open district by mounting unframed notice sheets against one another. We can create large notice boards that are specifically tailored to fit different spaces if you need a bigger size.  Additionally offered are a variety of freestanding and folding portable noticeboards and display boards that can be used for a broad range of occasions and purposes.

Why was Vertiface Acoustic used?

Our expectations of what it takes for us as individuals to flourish change along with our surroundings and requirements. Our most adaptable product, Vertiface Acoustic, is a textured fabric that is malleable and available in many finishes, giving designers an infinite amount of creative freedom. Vertiface, one of the most resilient, long-lasting, and UV-resistant textiles available right now, may be used to make an acoustic wall covering in Composition, add colour and texture to Panel, and adorn furniture. Since no two undertakings are similar, for what reason should the labour and products utilized in them be equivalent to well? Vertiface acoustic is made from recycled pet plastic that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill and may be tailored to your specific requirements. We can shape, cut, mould, or construct Autex products to produce acoustic solutions that are genuinely unique to you and your place because we are printers and creative thinkers. Together, let’s work to realise whatever ideas you may have.

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