Visit To Whale Shark At Exmouth And Exmouth Whale Shark Tour

Whale sharks are fishes feeding on planktons. They are known as the largest fish species with an 18.8 m in length.They are not whales, but are harmless sharks foundin western part of the world, particularly in the west Australian coast. Exmouth is an area in Australia which is popular for its aquatic life abundance making it a water wonderland. Whale sharks at Exmouth are ubiquitously found atpredictable interval of time. This area is famous for activities like swimming with largest fishes, the whale sharks during the months of March to July.

Whale shark at Exmouth

Whale shark diving is an enjoyable sport conducted from March to June at coral bays and from July to the end of August at Exmouth.The operators are responsible for customer’s safe arrival and swim there. Tour guide pick the swimmer up from Exmouth and reach the boat ramp course to begin the swimming session. Swim with a whale shark at Exmouth is quite entertaining and is possible at the same propelling rate as that of the shark. Whale sharks are huge but are relatively slow swimmers can move against the water current at a rate of slight more than 3 miles per hour.

Exmouth whale shark tour

The entire swimming course is a proper tour of the Exmouth area. The payment done includes the swim price and a visit of the Exmouth complete area. The tour can be organized by keeping following aspects in mind:

  • A proper departure and arrival must be offered by the companies conducting swim with whale shark at Exmouth, to comply with transportation rules
  • To capture each moment of whale shark swim, a professional photography must be included in the tour package
  • A proper costume for swim must be provided along with wetsuit, gears, oxygen cylinders, snorkels etc.
  • A trainee must accompany or give prior training to the swimmer initially for a skilled swimming session. The basic knowledge of the exmouth whale shark tour in australia should be given to individuals participating to make them relax and comfortable during the swim
  • Food is another component making the visit more memorable. The operating team can arrange and serve the swimmers with light breakfast, drinks, snacks, lunch, beverages
  • The tour can include other water activities like snorkelling etc.
  • If someone desires for a private tour at Exmouth, better flexibility, more preference, more time interval in water, long swim Exmouth whale shark tour is provided by the organizing team


Exmouth tours can be arranged according to the attendee’sdemands and the season. Whale sharks at Exmouthare feeder shark fishesthat are used for swim session with the people visiting the place as an adventurous sport event. Ningaloo reef whale sharks in australia touris started with a skilled swimming expert and guide. They help individualto hold on to the correct posture and position that will allow you to begin the travel with whale shark, once it starts moving ahead.