Some Tips On Installing A Timber Floor For Your House

Flooring for the house is one of the most important part of it. Flooring protects the house from various threats – from soil-based ones to insects. If you use a wooden floor, remember that this is a living product which is natural. It is capable of both expelling as well as absorbing moisture, responding to the conditions of the weather locally. Therefore the wooden flooring will have to be acclimatized to a new environment before being installed.

The weather pattern of your area

Climate of the area which you are living in, can have a direct impact on a wooden floor. Other conditions like air conditioning, lack of ventilation, direct sunlight, heaters and humidity levels also can affect the content of the moisture in the wooden floor, making it expanded or to be contracted. This is the main reason why it is important to let it adapt to the conditions of the area of your house. Always talk to your carpentry work company to know how long and what ways have to be followed for the acclimatization process.

Choosing the right Timber

Before choosing the species of the wood that you are hoping to use in your own house, some things have to be taken into account. Look into the colour variations which can come up naturally in that species. Moisture content of the timber also have to be looked into; you have to ask a professional whether it can be reached to the right amount through acclimatization. Also you can check if the base ground, which is now ready to have the timber floors laid upon it, is properly dry and tested for moisture. It is recommended that moisture meter is used for this purpose.

Transportation of timber floors

Now that you have chosen the right species of timber that you want to use in your house, transportation of it to the site has to be considered and done carefully. They have to be properly packed and wrapped to protect from being exposed to sun or from moisture. Even too much or too low humidity is not good for the timber. No other materials should be kept on top of your timber flooring product. Edges and faces of the flooring material has to be covered and protected, when loading them in as well as taking them out of the truck you transported them in. You can probably ask your carpentry Sydney firm to help with the transportation as they have better experience with it. Wooden floor is a nice addition to a house. However, installing it should be done with care as the money you spend for it must not go to waste.