How Green Are Solar Panels?

It is relatively common knowledge that solar panels and solar panel battery newcastle are an extremely great source of renewable energy – those simple looking panels can produce enough energy to run our house as well as putting clean energy back into the power grid for other power users to access; and solar is environmentally friendly when compared to the mining, production and use of fossil fuels. But is solar as green as we expect them to be or does the environment take a hit when it comes to the production the panels put out but also the cost of manufacturing the solar panels. There are definitely some companies out there who manufacture their solar panels with as little hit on the environment as possible but there are also companies out there who just pump out the panels without any thought of the environmental impact. If you are looking to install solar panels in Newcastle it is a good idea to have a chat to the manufacturer or installer to see how environmentally friendly their manufacturing process is, and how long it would take the panels to gain back the energy it took to manufacture them.

There are benefits that solar has that other electrical items don’t have, specifically that their lifespan is a lot longer (20-25 years usually) compared to the three to five years of electrical equipment such as computers, televisions and mobile phones. But of course, there can be some downsides as well. These include the use of potentially toxic chemicals used in the processing and manufacturing stage including chromium and lead; greenhouse gases made through the manufacturing process (there is an alternative product that can be used called fluorine which is a gas with minimal global warming potential); and the manufacturing process in general. Manufacturers don’t always use solar to power their facilities and manufacturing is quite an intensive process environmentally, especially when relying on fossil fuels for electricity.

Although there are these downfalls it doesn’t mean we should stop using solar all together. Much news is made about how quickly it can take to pay off the monetary investment in solar (usually between two to four years) there isn’t often news about how long it takes for your panels to produce enough electricity to make up for what was used during the manufacturing process. Many studies have estimated this time period at 1.5 – 4.5 years, depending on the size of the panels and where you live; but with more research and manufacturing which will develop over time, it is quite possible that this time period will drop in the coming years.

As our world slowly depletes the level of fossil fuels, especially oil and coal, solar is going to be the way to go and with solar prices in Perth getting lower and more affordable each year it is certainly going to be an option that becomes more and more popular.